VDS and Conservation

1.9 The village has a designated "Conservation Area"; a planning tool similar to listing a building, except that it covers a larger area. Conservation Areas are designated in an attractive historic area where there is a demonstrable character that it is "desirable to preserve or enhance" in the national interest.

1.10 The aims of the Conservation Area are similar to those of a VDS, but is undertaken using different planning legislation. Conservation Areas are concerned with historic environments, with an emphasis on managing change progressively, maintaining the historic fabric and layout. The Conservation Area designation is set out in a different policy and ultimately carries more weight than the VDS SPD (see hierarchy in appendix 1).

1.11 The VDS on the other hand is less focussed on the historical aspects. It often covers more modern areas and considers those aspects that make up the existing character, which may not be so squarely focussed on the historic elements. It considers those aspects that may not be of concern to the national interest, but are important to local people.

1.12 There is clearly a crossover of the two mechanisms, particularly where much ofthe village's character is derived from the historic environment. But the two mechanisms can work alongside each other to help to improve the quality of new development.

1.13 A map o fthe village's Conservation Area is included in the VDS purely for information. For more information about Conservation Areas, contact Selby District Council Development Management service on 01757 705101.

Map shows extent of Conservation Area in blue,and any Listed Buildings and Scheduled Monuments in red.