5.0 Several suburban type estates from the 1970's through to the present day effectively quadruple the size of the village by surrounding the original part of Riccall.

5.1 Various similar bungalows, dormer bungalows and 2-storey houses have been constructed with little acknowledgment of the Riccall character. This large scale expansion by volume house builders has - like most places in the United Kingdom - eroded those traditional local features identified in this document. It is not to say that these dwellings are bad, it is merely acknowledging that they are 'anywhere houses' and do not reflect local character.

5.2 Mostly built in a standardised distributor road with cul-de-sacs layout, these estates feature very similar houses with few architectural flourishes. Having matured and been individualised over the years, the street scene has acquired some variation to soften its effect but the lack of Riccall character cannot be ignored.

5.3 In future development more of the traditional features and layout could be incorporated without slavishly copying the designs.

Saunters Way/Elms Close – 2-storey semi detached houses, with dark pantile roof, white multiple paned windows with garages. Small front gardens low walls and hedge boundaries.

Northfield Lane/Pinfold Close – bungalow s,2-storey semi / detached houses. dark pantile roofw ith w hite multiple pane w indow s and doors. Small front garden plots.

Holmes Drive/Lucerne Close – 2 storey detached houses and bungalows with small front gardens. Dark pantile roof dark brown, wooden multiple pane windows and doors.

Chapel Walk – 2 storey detached and semi detached houses. Materials red brick and dark pantile roof. Windows multiple pane and doors dark brown. With small front open plan gardens.

Manor Garth– large plots with large front gardens. With bungalows and 2-storey detached houses. Materials pale brick /stone and pantile roof. Multiple pane windows with wooden doors.

Nova Scotia Way – Bungalows and 2 storey detached houses. Roof - dark pantile and white wooden multiple pane windows and doors. Small open plan front gardens.

Chestnut Terrace – 2 storey terrace housing with red pantile and red brick. large front gardens with hedge and fence boundaries.

Landing Lane – Mix of semi detached house, terrace and bungalows. Brick is the common theme for this area with some houses painted white, small front gardens .

Viking Drive – 2 storey Semi-detached housing with some bungalows, pantile roof, with wooden doors and some general green public areas with seating. Small front gardens.

Hall Farm Close – 2 storey detached houses constructed from red/pale brick with dark pantile roof. With wooden multiple pane windows/doors. Small open plan front gardens.

Ash Grove– 2 storey semi detached houses. Wooden multiple pane windows and doors small trees, bushes and hedges in small front gardens open plan gardens.

Hawthorns – Bungalows, mixed with 2 storey semi and detached properties. Pantile roof, with multiple pane windows and doors. Small front gardens, with vegetation.