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Barlby Roundabout Interim Traffic Management Newsletter 25th January 2017

This is an interim edition of your regular newsletter to provide you with information regarding the temporary traffic layout around the partially completed roundabout.
Many of you will have noticed that a few changes have taken place to the initial traffic management layout since the traffic was re-routed around the roundabout. This was required to improve traffic flow and increase driver awareness of the correct route and give way positions.
This current traffic management layout is now working well and will remain in this layout for the next couple of weeks. The diagram below illustrates the current layout which has been agreed in conjunction with NYCC.




We would like to advise vehicles to slow down when approaching the ramps onto and off the new areas of surfacing as directed by the signs.
Please also be mindful of the temporary enforceable reduction in the speed limit of 60 mph to 40 mph to protect our workforce.

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