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Riccall Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol

Last weekend's adverse weather saw the first real chance for Riccall Snow Patrol to leap into action. The scheme managed and developed by Riccall Parish Council, involves a team of local volunterrs who are willing to grit footpaths and clear snow as necessary within Riccall.

After the severe winter of 2011/12, Riccall PC appealed for volunteers and was amazed by the positive response. Local people came forward to offer their time and become snow wardens, in an effort to keep the main footpaths open, allowing much easier access for all residents, particularly the elderly and those with young children.

Council Clerk, Lindsey Ryan said, 'Last winter, lots of residents were complaining to us about the fact that they were cut off from local services and did not feel confident to walk on the icy footpaths. As a community, we decided to take action and set up a team of volunteers. This really is community spirit at its best!'

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