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Sudden - Support Service for People Bereaved

Dear colleague,


URGENT NEWS: support service for people bereaved by COVID-19, or in any other sudden or shocking ways, now available from day one, onwards

Hospitals and police forces are now able to refer people bereaved in sudden or shocking ways (including by COVID-19 and any sudden illness, incident, or suicide), from day one of bereavement, into a new, government-funded, England-wide, professional, free and specialist sudden bereavement service (set up as a pandemic response and for the long term).

The service, Sudden, is run by a well-established charity that is experienced in helping suddenly bereaved people through trained and named case workers, operating over the phone. Sudden provides free support and advocacy for up to 10 weeks, with a focus on safeguarding and wellbeing outcomes. The service is delivered in partnership with relevant community-based statutory and NGO agencies. (Please read the attachment for more information.) To note, the Sudden helpline number (0800 121 6510) is available to call now, but is due to change within the coming weeks – please visit or email for the latest.

Because it is an immediate intervention service, the Sudden service is designed to be reached through very early referrals from hospitals and police.


Please contact Sudden right away to find out more about the service and methods of referral.


To do this, click below and complete the short online form (it takes just 2 minutes to complete).


Please forward and share this information with any relevant colleagues/ stakeholders you deem appropriate.


Thank you in advance for helping suddenly bereaved people.


Mary Williams OBE,

Chief Executive (Sudden Service, Brake)

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