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Selby bypass on schedule, but extra work needed at roundabout


The 12-week reconstruction of the A63 Selby bypass between and including the A19 Brayton roundabout and A1041 Wishing Well roundabout remains on target for overall completion early in September.


However, complications on the Wishing Well roundabout and its approaches mean the roundabout is now not expected to reopen until Monday, 25 July.


Initially, heavy rain caused delays in this section. More recently, the contractor has encountered soft spots in the road’s original foundation, which means the excavation and reconstruction have needed to be deeper than expected.


County Councillor Don Mackenzie, North Yorkshire’s Executive Member for Highways, said: “The additional work required at the Wishing Well roundabout does mean our contractor needs to be at that site for longer. We regret any additional disruption, but the work will be completed as quickly as possible and we ask people to continue to be patient while it is done.


“While there have been delays on the roundabout, our contractor has pressed ahead with the surfacing of the main stretch of road between the roundabouts, so overall the project remains on schedule for completion as planned, though work is heavily dependent on good weather.


“This investment is vital to give Selby a bypass that is fit for purpose and recognises the town’s importance as a commercial and residential centre.”


On completion of the Wishing Well roundabout, attention will switch to the A19 Brayton roundabout at the other end of the stretch of road under reconstruction.


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