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Precept for 2011/12

The Parish Council has increased the precept for 2011/12 by 13%, which in monetary terms is £9167 more than in 2010/11. It was a very difficult decision based on the current economic climate and based on what was needed to stand still and continue with existing services as a Council. The main reason for the increase in the Riccall precept is that it became unrealistic during 2010 for our Clerk and Finance Officer to continue running the Council office from home, as she has done for many years. This was due to the growing nature of the workload, project work and regular meetings. A decision was taken early last year, to move into an office at the Regen Centre from October 2010 and to take on some additional administrative assistance from April 2011.

The office rental, potential employment of an administrative assistant (being recruited at present) and associated equipment costs equate to the increase in precept this year. Street lighting costs have risen significantly, due to a re-assessment by NE Power. We are currently looking at entering into a partnership arrangement with NYCC, so that we can get our streetlighting more economically. The Council has made some cuts to try and keep the precept as realistic as possible in this transitional year for us.

The Council is aware that per household the precept in Riccall is more expensive than in some of the other local parishes but would defend this by asking residents to look at what we have on offer in Riccall and what work is continually happening to improve the village and community life in general.

We can assure you that Riccall Parish Council enters into a full and detailed budgetary process. Should you want to find out more or make an appointment to discuss our budget in detail or about plans for the community and on-going work, please contact our Finance Officer Lindsey Ryan clerk@riccallparishcouncil.org.uk


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