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In need of an affordable home?


In Spring 2015, all households in Riccall will recieve a survey to find out whether they have a need for a local affordable home. This survey will be undertaken by the Selby Rural Housing Enabler, in partnership with Riccall Parish Council, Selby District Council and the North Yorkshire Rural Housing Enabler Programme. We will be distributing these surveys inside the next edition of the Riccall Beacon.

The survey seeks to find out what the local need is for affordable homes in Riccall. Affordable homes include homes to rent from a housing association and also Low-Cost Home Ownership homes; a way for people who may not ordinarily be able to buy a property, to get a foot on the property ladder. Examples of Low-Cost Home Ownership includes Discount-for-sale properties, where the house is able to be bought and sold for a set discounted percentage of the market value, and Shared ownership, where a percentage of the property is bought and a discounted rent is paid on the remaining proportion.

Once the results of the survey are analysed, they will be made available in the public domain. If there is sufficient local demand for affordable homes in the area, we will be looking to encourage the development of a small housing scheme with priority for people with a local connection to Riccall.

Please look out for the survey in the next edition of the Riccall Beacon. For more information about the North Yorkshire Rural Housing Enabler Programme , click here and go to Rural Affordable Housing in North Yorkshire.

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