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PC Nigel Collins - new Neighbourhood Officer for Riccall

PC 938

I just wanted to introduce myself as PC Nigel Collins, the new Neighbourhood Officer for the village of Riccall.

Riccall is just one of a number of villages that I have responsibility for along with PCSO Hollywood but I will be looking to spend as much time as possible in the village either on high visibility patrol or working remotely from the Regen Centre, School or Village Institute.


I have been a Police Officer for 15 years, initially with Sussex Police for 8 years before relocating to North Yorkshire with my family in 2013. From my experience, I know how important it is for the community to have a local officer that residents can approach with issues or concerns and I would like to build on the existing links already established between the village and the police.


With that in mind, where possible I will be attending any village events that are taking place and attending parish council meetings when able.


From conducting some foot patrol in the village already I have already had some great feedback on how lovely it is to see a ‘bobby on the beat’ which is great to hear and something I intend to carry on with. I think it acts a great deterrent to those looking to commit crime or behave anti socially and offers great reassurance to a number of villagers too.


Obviously, we are in an unprecedented scenario at the moment with the situation constantly changing all the time but please rest assured, we will still be conducting patrols in your village wherever possible and whenever required until the pandemic is over and normality (in whatever form this takes for people) can resume.


If there is a particular issue that you would like me to focus on or get involved with then please let me know otherwise I look forward to meeting with many of you all soon.


PC 938 Collins

Neighbourhood Policing Team




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