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Events - History and heritage lectures

Are you interested in the history and heritage of Selby town centre? How can we use our rich heritage as an asset to create a positive future for the high street?

A series of heritage and conservation public lectures will look at these questions as part of the winter talks programme of the Historic England funded project, Selby’s High Street Heritage Action Zone.

The lectures will explore what heritage and conservation is and look at the way it influences development to historic buildings and their context. There’ll be two recorded presentations from Buttress Architects followed by a live Question & Answer sessions with the High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) architectural team.

On Monday 29 November at 1pm the talk ‘A Beginners Guide to Conservation and Heritage - What is Heritage?’ takes place.

This will focus on outlining what heritage is, what it means and what impact it has when someone is considering undertaking work to a heritage asset.  

Understanding the significance of heritage assets is fundamental to their care and protection. This talk will introduce the principles of conservation and how these are both the tangible fabric of buildings and monuments preserved through designations, and the intangible elements of our lives both in the past and in our present experiences.

Book your place here:

On Monday 6 December at 6pm the talk ‘A Beginners Guide to Conservation and Heritage – Responding to Heritage in Design’ takes place.

This will focus on heritage considerations, how designers respond to these and the requirements for statutory consultees like Historic England. It will also look at local policy and guidance and where you can find further information.

The talk will explore built heritage and what we can see of our history in the physical fabric, and how we can relate this to past lives and experiences and use it to inform the way that we approach building development.

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