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Interim news of immediate 24hr temporary traffic signals on A19 at Fulford this week. Monday 23rd until Sunday 29th October

We apologise for the lack of notice regarding the use of temporary traffic signals on the A19 by Northern Gas Networks currently carrying out the gas diversion.

Northern Gas Networks have advised us that 24hr traffic light control will be in operation for one week commencing Monday 23rd October. The traffic signals are being managed by Northern Gas Networks under their licence to work in the carriageway. Northern Gas Networks anticipate that the completion of the gas diversion will take up until 10th November.

We will endeavour to keep you infomred with the news of any further periods of the use of temporary traffic signals by Northern Gas Networks as the works unfold.

Provision for pedestrians and others using the footpaths will be maintained during these operations. Please follow the directions provided by the signs.

We apologise for any inconvenience for those delayed due to the traffic signals caused by these necessary works.


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